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Product Details
Rockwell 5-Channel GPS Module TU00-D200-401
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TU00-D200-401 TU00-205-015
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The Rockwell 5-channel GPS module (Part number: TU00-D200-401) module is high performance, low power, 5-channel GPS receiver.

Its far reaching capability meets the sensitivity requirements of car navigation as well as other location-based applications.

Dimension: 50.98 x 71.12 x 12.29 mm

Antenna Conector: MCX

This GPS module communicates to your computer or other system via a custom 20-pin interface (for pin-out see below) using NMEA-0183 (ASCII) over TTL.

A TTL to RS-232 adaptor will need to be built for communications to a standard PC.

Pin-out for this unit is as follows:

Pin 1: Antenna power input. Normally 3-5 volts. Maximum 12v, 100mA.
Pin 2: GPS unit power input. 5.0 volts DC. Draws approximately 175mA.
Pin 4: NMEA/Binary mode select. +5v for NMEA. Ov or floating for binary mode.
Pin 5: Battery backup for RTC only (internal clock). 2.5-5 volts.
Pin 6: Serial Data Out. Output of GPS messages. 0/5v level RS-232 signal.
Pin 7: Time Mark Out. IHz (1PPS) timing output.
Pin 8: CTS/DTR Serial Data control. Ov or floating for normal. 5v stops serial output.
Pin 9: Serial Data In. Commands or data sent into GPS here. 0/5v level RS-232.
Pin 10: Battery backup for Sram and RTC. 2.5-5 volts.
Pin 13: Master Reset. +5v to turn on GPS. Ov or floating to turn off and reset.
Pin 18: Serial Data In from DGPS correction receiver. 0/5v level RS-232
Pin 20: Baud Rate select. Ov for 4800 baud. 5v or floating for 9600 baud.

Pins 3, 11, 14, 17, 19 all Grounded

Pins 12, 15, 16 No Connection