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3M Stealth Mousing Surface
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3M Innovation
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Made by 3M these mouse pads were customized by gaming mice gurus: Razer, and are the perfect companion for your high-performance gaming computer. Give your mouse the surface it needs to give you the best frag count!

3M Percise Mousing Surface

Take your mouse for a spin on the enclosed 3M precise mousing surface. We're confident that once you do, you'll never go back to your mouse pad--for alot of reasons.

Provides superior tracking and control

The 3M precise mousing surface features a patented microstructured surface -- microscopic peaks and valleys that significantly improve mouse traction and performance.


Where You Point Is Where You Go. This advanced surface allows you to point, click, and drag with greater percision.

Ultra-thin design

The surface integrates smoothly with your desk, literally becoming part of it. It doesn't get in the way of your work -- or your breaks.

Keeps you mouse cleaner

Thanks to you advanced design, your mouse will pick up less dust and dirt. You'll be amazed at how seldom you have to disassemble and clean it.

Maintenance Pointers

(1) Adjust you mouse tracking so it's in harmony with the new surface

(2) Clean the surface with a damp cloth periodically to ensure optimal performance.