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Home > Test Equipment > Automated Devices > 413174

Product Details
Advanced Liquid Logic NuGEN Mondrian SP+ Workstation R110-LC Sample Prep
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Advanced Liquid Logic NuGEN
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Mondrian SP+
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35.00 lbs
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New! Advanced Liquid Logic NuGEN Mondrian SP+ Workstation R110-LC Sample Prep

The Mondrian™ SP+ System is an innovative new approach to automated genomic sample preparation based on the use of digital microfluidics for liquid handling. The system software includes a range of sample preparation methods that use pre-configured and quality controlled NuGEN® brand reagents. The software is dynamically configurable to allow users to add new protocols as they become available from NuGEN. Sample preparation is performed in nano-liter volumes within disposable cartridges. The system provides plug-and-play automation with a simple user interface and load-and-go cartridge operation to significantly reduce the hands-on time for genomic sample preparation.

The Mondrian SP+ System consists of a benchtop workstation, microfluidic cartridges, optimized reagents and system software that includes dedicated protocols for a range of sample preparation applications.

The Mondrian SP+ Workstation has very few moving parts, making it highly reliable and requiring minimal maintenance. Operation via a menu driven, user friendly, touchscreen interface offers true walk-away capability. The use of Peltier cooling and individual heating zones allow for temperature gradients of 10°C to 100°C. Purification steps are enabled within the cartridge through the use of magnetic beads and a controllable magnetic device.

Digital Microfluidics

At the core of the Mondrian SP+ System operation is digital microfluidics technology. Cartridges for the instrument consist of an oil layer (Filler Fluid) sandwiched between a printed circuit board (PCB) substrate (onto which insulated electrodes are patterned), and a top plate. By manipulating the relative voltages of the patterned electrodes, aqueous droplets containing reagents and substrates can be manipulated to perform complex assays. Droplets can be dispensed from loading ports, transported to various locations on the cartridge, mixed, incubated and collected using only software control.

Workstation Features:

  • Cartridge Deck: Cartridge deck designed to accommodate Mondrian™ SP cartridges for library preparation.
  • Magnetic Actuator: 8 focused field locations
  • Touch Screen Display: 7” (diagonal) WVGA, 800 x 480 pixels with LED backlight
  • Internal Computer: 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 with 2 GB RAM, 4 GB solid state compact flash drive

Thermal Controls:

  • Heated Zones: 3
  • Heater Temperature Range in Cartridge: Ambient to 100°C
  • Chiller Zones: 1
  • Chiller Temperature Range in Cartridge: Ambient to 10°C

External Connectors:

  • USB 2.0 Host: Front bezel (1) and rear panel (2) type-A receptacles
  • USB 2.0 Client: Rear panel, 1 type-B receptacle
  • 10/100/1000 MBit Ethernet: Rear panel
  • AC Mains IEC 60320 C14 Input: Rear panel


  • Manufacturer: Advanced Liquid Logic for NuGEN
  • Model: Mondrian SP+
  • Universal Cartridges are available separately
  • Click HERE to view the User Manual

Condition: Flawless cosmetic condition with no signs of previous use. Box has signs of shelf wear (New in Original Packaging).

Tested: N/A

Warranty: 14-Day Right-of-Return

SKU: 413174

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